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Eating out in Ljubljana - Top 2 restaurants where diplomats and businessmen love to dine

Slovenia, tiny European country offers temporary residence to many foreign businessmen and diplomats on assignment. Ljubljana is an exceptional place to visit. It offers reach historical background, tradition, style, synergy of arts and culture, and an amazing atmosphere that could be identified as a mixture of Central European and Mediterranean.

Ljubljana is also a great starting point to experience delicious local and numerous other national cuisines specialties. One of Ljubljana's specialties is that also numerous high-end restaurants offer wide and unique selection of special lunchtime menus at reasonable prices. The capital lies at the intersection of four different Slovenian regions, so a large number of the city's restaurants offer culinary specialties and a wide selection of high-quality wines from around Slovenia.

Dining in Ljubljana is an absolute delight, especially along the river and triple bridge at night, when the city’s restaurants fairy lights illuminate the river. The historical old town is built up of bustling restaurants and picturesque café’s with outdoor seating and umbrellas over head making it a lovely city to dine during a short work break or as part of relaxing evening.

Magnificent "Gostilna As” restaurant typifies the perception of ‘excellent service’. The waiters will not only help you with your selections but they will even cut your meat for you. The atmosphere is classy but not stifled and the charming live piano music just adds to the already impressive ambience. The prices for the quality of food and service are excellent value.

“Pri Sv Florijanu” is another fine dining choice for break of hard working days. Not the place for budget short break travelers but exceptional for people that don’t mind paying reasonable price for top quality dining. It’s one of Ljubljana’s oldest restaurants that kindly serve Slovenian and French cuisine. Downstairs they serve an exotic Moroccan menu in suitably Arabic surroundings. The Moroccan restaurant is called Moro and is delicious and way cheaper to upstairs. The Clientele of Moro ranges from expats, tourists and Slovenia stag weekends.

Discover some other exceptional restaurants that will definitely fulfill your needs and wishes as valued diplomat or successful businessmen. Carefully selected listing was prepared by Diplomatic Corporate Services.

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