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European diplomatic corporate services are far beyond average in diverse historical city of Ljubljana

One of the biggest acquisitions for Ljubljana will definitely be the brand new football stadium in Stozice, which will also offer wide variety of business premises.

More and more foreigners use the services of real estate agencies to find quality accommodation in Slovenia. Other ways of identifying a suitable apartment, house or office are through the Internet, advertisements in print publications and personal or business contacts. If you decide to appoint a real estate agency to assist you, it is better to select one that is well established and has a solid reputation. Stoja Trade Real Estate Agency lists details of apartments, houses and business premises for rent on their website. Stoja Trade real estate agency just recently launched bred new web portal named Diplomatic Corporate Service as a gateway for all diplomats and executives looking for high-level services of all kind in Slovenia. Website URL is: http://www.diplomatic-corporate-services.si/.

Real estate agencies charge a fee for their services, which normally works out to two monthly rents in addition to VAT. Before you sign an agent on, you might want to clarify the exact amount you would expect to pay as commission.

In most cases, homeowners ask for caution money, which is equivalent to one, two or three monthly rents, to be deposited with them before a tenant occupies the apartment. The deposit is returnable at the end of the lease period.

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